A Street fashion brand based in Harlem New York created to share a unique artistic perspective. The designer behind the brand is an artist who has always been true to himself and true to his purpose regardless of the pressure that derived from competition and outside expectations. We seek, we learn, we grow. Time has already won the race.

The vision is to share ideas and to bring value in all aspects of life.  Thankful for the opportunity to use our imagination creatively to produce our own brand street clothing line. We are gifted with the entrepreneurial spirit of doing for self. It's more than a mentality it's a lifestyle.

The inspiration comes from Allah The Almighty, and His Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) our example and guide. This is the designer's blueprint and tools used as the base in his creative process. He calls it "fashion and art with a purpose".  This is the foundation of more to come, inshaa'Allah.

Muslim Harlem is us. Muslim Harlem is the Community. It's who and what is consciously represented since day one...